Monday, July 27, 2015

2 Week Surgery Anniversary is Today!

It's now two weeks after my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and I'm feeling better (physically).

(sorry for potato quality pic)

Good news is that I'm getting words of encouragement on NeoGAF and Facebook, but the bad news is that I haven't received a penny on my GoFundMe page or heard a reply on Craigslist for a free bicycle.

Technically, I haven't learned to ride a bike since the last bicycle I rode was when I was 9 and it had training wheels. An adult tricycle would be freakin' rad to down, but that's beyond my capabilities to get sadly.

Enough doom and gloom, I hope you guys have a great day!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend After Surgery

Sorry for not updating for a while! I had my surgery on the 13th of July and came home on the 15th. I'm starting to feel better and if you want to help me, go to my GoFundMe and donate!