Friday, January 30, 2015

Welcome to Dord's World, or blog something something..

As there are certain things in life, like death and taxes, that eventually happen to all of us.

Blogs should be put up in that category.. So where should I begin.

I've been a tech user since the age of 4, as my first console was a Colecovision. Remember back in the day where the controller resembled a telephone? We've come a long way, haven't we?

(Maybe later I'll detail my gaming history, but for now we'll just make a blog post that isn't too long winded.)

A more important part of my life is my fight with obesity as it started it elementary school.. you could say I've lived a sort of a tortured life from it. Since June of 2014, I've been losing weight with Weight Watchers (had to cancel in December because insurance stopped supporting it) in conjunction with my insurance company to qualify for bariatric surgery.

As of this post, I've lost close to 120 lbs from my high of 456 lbs. I wish the weather would warm up a bit so I can get out and do my daily walks (I won't get into any personal details, lets just say that I can't afford a proper treadmill for my current weight)

Anyways, this blog will be about my life: weight loss journey, product reviews, beermoney tips, and more. The first few posts will be a bit spammy as I try to catch up with things that are needed to be posted. (please forgive my spelling and punctuation, this is my first blog)

Stay Tuned!

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